Monthly Donor Program

Become A “Give Hospitality” Sustaining Donor!
You can help keep families close in times of medical care. Giving gifts in monthly increments throughout the year can make a BIG impact in the lives of the families we serve.

$5 Can Help to keep our kitchen stocked with coffee and supplies. A monthly gift helps to keep these items stocked all year long!                                                   
$10 Can provide laundry services for one room for a month. A monthly gift can provide laundry services for a year for one of our rooms!
$20 Can provide help keep our kitchen stocked with staples like milk, coffee, bread, etc.
$30 Can provide a night of rest for a guest, a monthly gift can provide 12 nights of rest!
$60 Can provide 2 nights of rest for a guest, a monthly gift can provide 24 nights of rest!

NOTE: By checking the “make this a recurring donation” box, your credit card will be automatically processed with the donation amount you choose each month.

Why Give?

Monthly gifts don’t just pay bills, they create stability. When you give monthly, you are making a vital contribution to Hospital Hospitality Houses’ long-term financial well-being. Ensuring that our doors will remain open to serve out-of-town patients and families for years to come.

Your family may never need us, but more than likely you will know someone who will. This could be a co-worker, a Friend of a Friend, or someone else you may cross paths with. Your monthly gift to the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw ensures that we are there when families need us.


Advantages of Monthly Giving

There are some benefits for donors that give monthly:

1. It’s an affordable way to make an impact all year long!

2. It’s green! Tax statements are sent at the beginning of each calendar year with all gifts recorded throughout
the year. This reduces cost and provides more comfort to families.

3. Flexible! Donations can be made in any amount and are automatically taken out each month. No need to remember to write a check each month. You can cancel or change your donation anytime.

*If you would like more information about becoming a monthly “Give Hospitality” donor please contact Courtney at: or by calling (989) 583-0152.