Meal Train for Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw

After a long day at the hospital talking with medical staff and supporting your loved one it’s nice to come back to a warm meal. So we began working with local groups, pizza places, and businesses to see what we could do to make things a little easier on our guests.

To our delight, the support has been outstanding! Local pizza places such as Papa John’s, Uno’s Chicago Grill, and Milano’s have each offered to sponsor a pizza night once a month for our guests. In addition, we have seen tremendous support from local community groups, churches, and individuals. Even with this great support, we are still always looking for individuals and groups to come in and make a meal for our guests.

Guests will be able to come and eat around 6 pm each day that we have a meal scheduled, or they can come and get a takeout box to take their meal back to the hospital with them.

Our first month of the program has gone really well! But we still need businesses, groups, and individuals to help as this will be a consistent need for our guests and will be an ongoing program. And with the holidays coming up we will need volunteers to help us prepare for Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you would like to help by making a meal for our guests, please visit Meal Train for McNally Hospitality House. If you would like to help provide a meal for our guests but aren’t able to prepare a meal, grub hub certificates and donations are accepted to sponsor a meal by visiting: Meal Train for McNally Hospitality House.